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August 6, 2014

Hazchem & Pipemarker Updates

We have recently expanded our range of pipe markers.

We now have a substantial range of CIP , CIP return and Supply, Others include Lactose, Glycol, Power conduit, Steam condensate just to name a few.

New additions.

SDS signs and folder, Basic life support-Resuscitation sign, Fire extinguisher holder clips, Plain Packaging tape, LED warning light (R13-BP)


Segregation chart for Hazchem, 5.2 hazchem signs, wet paint a-frame (AFP17)

Coming Soon.

New Lockout devices and stations, Safety Step stools, traffic cone accessories including an economy retractable cone belts 2.3m and 9mtrs

Industry News

New dangerous goods edition DGC7.3 Some changes are:


Ensuring appropriate ventilation on vehicles transporting flammable gases to prevent build-up of vapours.


An emergency plan or procedure must be followed if a dangerous situation occurs.


Segregation of dangerous goods must be in accordance with ADG Code requirements and any vehicle transporting a placard load of dangerous goods must have an emergency information holder, where all documentation and emergency information is kept.


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