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April 2, 2015

New Victorian Smoking Bans

New Victorian Smoking Bans

New Victorian smoking bans come into effect 13/4/15. 

These signs come in 225x300 Metal P549CCM & 300x450 Metal P549CBM. 

Both of these signs can be ordered online at www.wilcoxsafety.com
They aim to protect the community from exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke and de-normalise smoking in the community and support people who have quit or are trying to quit smoking.

Smoking to be banned within 4 m of an entrance to Children's indoor play centre, Public hospitals and registered community health centres Some Victorian Government buildings.
The ban applies at and within 4 m of an entrance to a Victorian Government building occupied either wholly or in part by: Parliament, but not electorate offices 

Victorian courts, Supreme Court, County Court, Magistrates Court, Childrens Court, Coroners Court. 

Public service bodies, Victorian Government Departments, Victorian Public Sector Commission, Administrative Offices.
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