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January 13, 2016

Warm Weather Hazards


Warning - Warm Weather Health Hazards

Salmonella outbreak prompts investigations into food handling by Health Authorities!

Warm weather and food could spell danger.

Following a recent Salmonella outbreak at a luxury Melbourne hotel, 44 out of 77 patrons consuming high tea fell seriously ill!

These are not the headlines you want linked to your business.

If you are a restaurant, hotel, cafe, School tuck shop, fast food providers or any other food handling business, you must ensure you abide by Health Department standards.

It's imperative that all staff are trained in proper food handling procedures.

Having clearly visible reminders will help make sure they don't become complacent which could put your patrons and business at risk.

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Beware of Snakes

Authorities have warned that the early onsite of warmer weather has seen an increase in the number of snake sightings
Our snake warning sign will remind people to be on the lookout and we also have a specific SNAKE first aid kit for emergencies.

  • If you do encounter a snake
  • Leave the snake alone
  • Do not attempt to catch or kill the snake
  • Warn others of your snake sighting

Hot Weather and BO

Fact - Body Odour is caused by bacteria growing on sweat

As it's really uncomfortable to tell someone they have a problem, and extremely embarrassing for them, we have the following suggestions to make the job easier.

  • Approach the subject at work meetings.
  • Keep a deodorant and/or a spare shirt at work.
  • OR Take the easy option with our signs and labels Place on toilet room mirrors or the back of toilet doors.

  • Both available as a sign 225x300 poly or in JS (100x140 labels pack of 5)
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