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February 1, 2016

Water Hazards


Water Hazards - Be Prepared, Be Ready and Stay Safe...

Don't be caught out - With Summer upon us be prepared.

Business's including, accommodation, resorts, hotels, hospitality, caravan and camping site, recreational parks and tourist attractions etc., have the added responsibility of public liability not just a duty of care to their staff.

The spate of recent drowning's across the country are a timely reminder that you can never be too safe around water.

Did you know that for every death from downing there are around 10 serious injuries involving permanent brain damage or disability?

Not to mention the minor injuries caused from slips on wet surfaces or guests being reckless in their behaviour.

Councils also have the added responsibility of natural hazards which may include boats, tides, sharks, jellyfish and even croc's

We've put together a comprehensive range of products in pdf format to help make the job of making a facility safer, more simple. If you would like a copy please email: sales@wilcoxsafety.com.au

We have a range of signs that clearly advise un-acceptable actions.

If we don't have the sign you are looking for we can custom make one specific to reflect your needs

Remember....Prevention is the best cure

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