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August 1, 2016

Over 1,000 Forklift Injuries per year

Did you know?

From 2000 to 2007 over 7,400 work-place injuries were caused by forklift accidents in Australia. Some resulting in pedestrian deaths.

Even at a walking pace (6km/hr) it can take up to 3m for a forklift to stop.

Accidents include: Forklifts tipping over, Pedestrians being crushed, Forklift stability and Braking, Falling objects & Running over workers feet (possibly crippling the pedestrian). In most States Workcover Authorities require separation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic where space is available. Signs, Barricades and Aisle Marking Tape can be used to indicate exclusion zones for forklifts & pedestrians.

It is a part of an Employers legal duty of care to protect employees, visitors and contractors.

We have a comprehensive range of signs, stencils, posters & logbooks to help them all safe
WARNING- 3 METRE EXCL. ZONE - Click to enlarge

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